Final-Mile Delivery and Logistics Services

Rely on us to take care of all your last-mile needs.


You can expect friendly white-glove delivery service from our contract carriers. To avoid any scuffs or dings, all furniture is securely fastened in box trucks. Whenever possible, our carriers will bring the furniture wherever the customer requests and take care of assembly. From there, our carriers will ensure that the customer is happy with the delivery.
With last-mile appliance delivery services, the entire installation process will be handled by our contract carriers. Your customers will never have to lift a finger. Before leaving the customer’s property, our carriers will make sure the new appliance is working flawlessly.
Consumer Electronics
Whether a customer has ordered a laptop or a 4K TV, they’re excitedly waiting for that new tech to show up at their door. With this in mind, our contract carriers do everything they can to keep products in perfect condition throughout the final-mile delivery process.
Building Materials
Trust us to deliver everything from lumber to concrete. Our contract carriers use flatbed trailers to take materials directly from the warehouse to the end customer. Once they’ve arrived, all items will be safely unloaded.

Rapid Response:

When you have an increase in shipments or volume, you can rely on our rapid response teams to provide support. We can get the trucks you need on short notice. This service is especially helpful during holidays, sales, and other times with heightened delivery needs.


Warehousing and Facility Management

Your local shipments will be managed by our field operations teams. You can expect your products to be out for delivery in a timely manner because our teams are highly skilled at optimizing routes. We ensure your products are handled with care to guarantee that they’re in excellent condition when they reach the end customer. You can rest easy when RLX handles your warehousing and facility management. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for logistics. That’s why we’ll work with you to create a highly customized, efficient, freight-forwarding approach that fits your company’s specific needs. We partner with numerous large companies in a wide range of industries, giving us the expertise we need to tackle almost any final-mile delivery project.

Backed By a Skilled Dispatch Team

All deliveries are tracked by our dispatch teams. To ensure your products make it to their destinations as planned, our dispatch teams keep a close eye on every delivery route. If an issue ever arises, they’re quick to find a solution and get the delivery process back on track.

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Trust Your Shipments With a Team of Final-Mile Experts

When it comes to getting your products to your customers, turn to a company that has the flexibility and reliable independent contract carriers needed to get the job done.

Your Products Will Be in Good Hands

You can rest easy when RLX is handling your deliveries because we run background checks for all of our contract carriers, drivers, and helpers. From the warehouse to the end customer, your products will be tracked by our experienced team of dispatch agents. Our goal is to make sure each of your customers has a pleasant and memorable delivery experience.

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